Luigi Brigante & Figli Barolo Cascina Falletto 1971

Luigi Brigante & Figli owned the Falletto vineyard in Serralunga d'Alba until they sold it to Bruno Giacosa in 1980. Prior to that, they sold grapes to Giacosa in several vintages. Falletto is a monopole.

I am only aware of this vintage, a 1961, and a 1978. If you have any more information on this wine, other vintages, or photos of other bottles, please send them to me.

Regarding this label, Bill Klapp writes:
The phrase "maxima debitur vino reverenzia" [near the top of the label] is really cute. It is borrowed from a widely-quoted Latin phrase, "maxima debetur puero reverentia", meaning "we owe the greatest respect to a child", or, translated for appropriate English idiom, "to our children". This would, of course, translate to "we owe the greatest respect to a wine" or better, just "to wine".
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