Brigante L. & C. Barolo "Vei Falet" 1978

Luigi Brigante & Figli owned the Falletto vineyard in Serralunga d'Alba until they sold it to Bruno Giacosa in 1980. Prior to that, they sold grapes to Giacosa in several vintages. Falletto is a monopole.

I am only aware of this vintage, a 1961, and a 1971. If you have any more information on this wine, other vintages, or photos of other bottles, please send them to me.

Note that this label is quite different from the earlier ones. Even the name of the wine has been changed from "Cascina Falletto" to "Vei Falet" and the winery name has been changed from "Luigi Brigante & Figli" to "Brigante L. & C."

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