Project Wines made by Manfred Krankl

The term project wines is one that Manfred uses for wines that he made before formally starting the Sine Qua Non Winery. These do not carry the Sine Qua Non name or logo and were typically made jointly with another winemaker.

Here are the project wines that I am aware of:


Special Boxed Set of Project Wines

Among the project wines is a special boxed set which included five of the project wines. Here is the description of an auction lot which gives some information about this particular set.

The closed metal box. Note how the labels of each bottle show through.

The open box. Note how The Thief is on a little platform above the scroll mentioned above.

The individual bottles and the scroll.

I would particularly like to thank Justin Bonner for sending me the above pictures which were taken for him by James Fogerty.

Here are a few more photos from the auction catalog:
The scroll.
The closed box.
The open box.



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