Pinot Noir from Sine Qua Non



YearPinot Noir Vineyard
2005Over & Out Arita Hills
2004Covert Fingers Arita Hills
2003Omega Shea
2002Hollerin' M Shea
2001No 6 Shea
2000A Cappella Shea
1999Ox Shea
1998Veiled Shea
1997The Complicator Shea
1996Left Field Shea
YearPinot Noir Vineyard

All of the ten Pinot Noir wines made by Sine Qua Non in chronological order:
Left Field, Complicator, Veiled, Ox, A Cappella, No 6, Hollerin' M, Omega, Covert Fingers, Over & Out:
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