Mr. K and Other Sweet Wines of Sine Qua Non



Year Name           Style Primary GrapeColorVineyard
2005Atlantis Fe203~2dVdPGrenacheRed 11 Confessions
2005Atlantis Fe2O3~3eVdPRoussanneWhite  
2003Boots, Pasties, Scanty Panties,
and A Ten Gallon Hat
2008Jinete Bajo Vin de PailleVdPRoussanneWhite 11 Confessions
1999Mr. K DBSTBAViognierWhite Alban
1998Mr. K EisweiniceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
1999Mr. K EisweiniceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
2001Mr. K Ice ManiceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
2002Mr. K Ice ManiceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
2003Mr. K Ice ManiceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
2006Mr. K Ice ManiceViognierWhite Bien Nacido
2000Mr. K Noble ManTBAViognierWhite Alban
2001Mr. K Noble ManTBAChardonnayWhite Alban
2002Mr. K Noble ManTBAChardonnayWhite Alban
2003Mr. K Noble ManTBAChardonnayWhite Alban
2005Mr. K Noble ManTBAChardonnayWhite Alban
2006Mr. K Noble ManTBAChardonnayWhite Alban
2000Mr. K Straw ManVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2001Mr. K Straw ManVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2002Mr. K Straw ManVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2003Mr. K Straw ManVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2004Mr. K Straw ManVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2005Mr. K Straw ManVdPMarsanneWhite Beckmen
2006Mr. K Straw ManVdPMarsanneWhite Beckmen
1998Mr. K TBATBAViognierWhite Alban
2000Mr. K Vin de GlacéiceGewürztraminerWhite Babcock
1998Mr. K Vin de PailleVdPSémillonWhite Brander
1999Mr. K Vin de PailleVdPSémillonWhite Brander
2000Suey TBATBARoussanneWhite Alban
2007To The RescueVdPGrenacheRed  
2006To The RescueVdPRoussanneWhite  
YearNameStylePrimary GrapeColorVineyard


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