Dry White Wines from Sine Qua Non


Before founding Sine Qua Non Winery in 1994, Manfred Krankl began making wines to serve in his restaurant in Los Angeles, Campanile. One was a white called Legs from the 1993 vintage. You can read more about this wine in Sacha Baumann's Blog Swirl Smell Slurp and in the notes below for Roussanne Is Coming and Legs.

Grape Key: R=Roussanne, V=Viognier, C=Chardonnay, M=Marsanne, PM=Petit Manseng.

YearNameVineyardGrape DetailQuantity
2017Tectumque Cumulus, 11Confess, C from BienNacido, 3rdTwin46%R, 22%C, 13%PM, 11%V, 8%M 773 cases, 324 mags
2016Deux Grenouilles 11Confess, Cumulus, Bien Nacido36%R, 29%C, 23%V, 9%PM, 3%M 
2015Entre Chien et Loup 11Confess, Cumulus, Bien Nacido44%C, 40%R, 8%PM, 8%V811 cases
2014Lightmotif Mostly 11Confess, Cumulus, C & M from BienNacido46%R, 22%C, 13%PM, 11%V, 8%M  
2013Résisté Mostly 11Confess, Cumulus, C & M from BienNacido45%R, 26%C, 13.5%PM, 10.5%V, 5%M  
2012Pearl Clutcher 100% BienNacido100% C2 barrels
2012In The Abstract ??% 11Confess, ??% BienNacido, ??% Cumulus35%C, 32%R, 17%V, 16%PM  
2011The Moment ??% 11Confess, ??% BienNacido, ??% Cumulus55%R, 19%C, 19%PM, 7%V  
2010The Monkey 60% 11Confess, 20% BienNacido, 20% Cumulus52%R, 23%V, 19%C, 5%M  
YearNameVineyardGrape DetailQuantity
2009On the Lam 11Confess/Bien Nacido48%R, 35%C, 17%V 
2008Kolibri 80% 11Confess/20% Bien Nacido2/3 R,1/3 V 
2007Body & Soul 78% 11Confess, 22% BienNacido71%R, 29%V475 cases
2006Hoodoo Man, The 3/4 Alban, 1/4 11Confessions39%R, 31%V, 30%C568 cases
2005The Petition 62% Alban, 38% 11Confessions37%V, 33%R, 30%C 
2004The Rejuvenators Alban w/a little 11 Confessions56%R, 24%V, 20%C 
2003Sublime Isolation Alban44%C, 37%R, 19%V 
2002Whisperin' E Alban with a bit of Stolpman50%R, 31%V, 19%C524 cases
2001Albino Alban, Stolpman46%C, 40%R, 14%V513 cases
2001Rien Ne Va Plus 3/4 Alban, 1/4 Stolpman100% R110 cases
2000Boot, The Alban, Stolpman49%C, 25.5%V, 25.5%R 
2000Hussy, The Stolpman, Alban100%R93 cases
2000Gewürztraminer with no name Babcock100% Gewvery little
YearNameVineyardGrape DetailQuantity
1999Tarantella Alban, Stolpman39% R, 33%C, 28%V420cs + 105mags
1999Gewürztraminer with no name Babcock100% Gewnone see 2000
1998Backward & Forward  30%R, 40%C, 30%V516 cases
1997Twisted and Bent Alban60%R, 40%C540 cases
1996Omadhaun & Poltroon  60%R, 40%C?? cases & 32 mags
1995Bride, The  50%R, 50%C181 cases
1994 none   
1993 Roussanne Is Coming, Legs
(same wine, 2 labels)
 100% R295 cases
1992 none   
1991 none   
1990Thief Babcock100% C225 cases
YearNameVineyardGrape DetailQuantity

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