California Reds & Lugeresque Steaks
at Pratt's Inn, Yorktown, NY (1/27/2008)

Photos are here.

This was the third annual "Pratt's Lugeresque" where Mark Franks works with John Pratt to create a steak dinner modeled on Peter Luger's Restaurant (which will not let us BYOB). There are typically 8 or so tables of 8 people each which each plan their own wine theme. Amy and I sat at a California Cabernet table.

Members of our table: Ken & Amy Vastola, Cindy & Gary Allweiss, Daniel & Amanda Moritz, Jay Hack & Rebecca Shenk, and Jonathan Sirot.

A word about Pratt's: This was a terrific afternoon. The food was great. The service excellent. My wife does not eat gluten, and the restaurant had no problem adapting to her needs. In particular, as good as the dessert was, many people were jealous of the creme brule they gave her as a substitute. And it was as good as it looked! Check out the pictures!

To anyone who might be in that area, do try this place; I am sure their regular dinners are great.

Starter Whites

2002 Kistler Chardonnay Hudson Vineyard
Beautiful, balanced, nice use of oak. Quite complex and delicious. 94 points.

2004 DuMOL Chardonnay RRV
Buttery sweet. Very tasty stuff. Went really well with the apps. 92 points.

California Cabernet

1974 Simi Alexander Valley "Reserve Vintage"
Gorgeous, mature nose of cedar, anise, and dried red fruits. Complex sour cherry through a medium finish. As several people remarked at our table, "Who says Cali Cabs don't age?" 93 points.

1981 Martin Ray Napa Valley Stelzner Vyd
Others liked this. For me, it was gone. NR

1991 Mondavi Reserve
Muted nose. Delicious plums in the mouth. Superb length. Licorice and red fruits. Tasty stuff, drinking well now. 95 points.

1991 Chateau Montelena
Corked. :(
A sip from another (not corked bottle which magically appeared from another table)
Oh, dats da shit! Wow! A great, great wine. Wherever this came from, thank you!

1991 Togni Cab
Herbaceous, bell pepper nose. Beautiful in the mouth. Licorice, black berries and a hint of brown sugar. 94 points.

1994 Pahlmeyer Red
Reserved nose of cedar, ripe black cherries, and some exotic spice. A sexy, special wine. Silky smooth but still tannic. The length and harmony are mind boggling. WOTN for me. 98 points.

1998 Pride Cab Reserve
Port-like, alcoholic. Out of balance for me. NR

1997 Fisher Cab Lamb Vyd
[From Steve Sharoff.] A lovely, harmonious wine. Full and round in the mouth. Quite ready and tasty! 93 points.

California Rhone Rangers

2004 L'Aventure Paso Robles Estate Cuvée
[60% syrah, 29% Cab, 11% Petite Verdot. 15.95% alcohol.] Super sweet nose. Too port-like for me. NR

2004 Pax Griffin's Lair
WOTF for me. Rich, intense, complex, with gobs of ripe red fruits. Excellent balance and length. A beautiful wine. 95 points.

2004 Alban Reva
Huge waxy nose. Huge and waxy in the mouth. For me, this needs at least 3-5 years. If it settles down, 93 points or more. If not . . .

Dessert Wines

2001 Alban Rotten Luck half bottle
Amber color. Exotic, exciting, orange, botrytis nose. Great length, depth and complexity. Orange marmalade and spice. A truly great wine. My wife is not a big fan of dessert wines, but she said "This one tastes like sex!" 97 points.

1995 Taylor Quinta de Vargellas Port
I was on my last legs for this, so I really could not appreciate it.

2004 Scholium Oro Puro
I didn't even try to taste this. Sorry, Jay.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

Photos are here.




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