at Filet 7 West, Latham, NY (10/2/2008)

The WCC met to taste Petite Sirahs. Since I'm a big fan, I provided about half the bottles from my cellar. Guys were curious about alcohol levels, so I added those where I could find them.

Most wines decanted between 5 and 6 pm. Tasting started at 7:30.

Filet 7 West is a fairly new restaurant in the Capital District. The food was good, but not well matched to the wine. The place looks good, but the room was too cramped. Filet 7 West closed in 2011.

With Flights 1 and 2 we had Escargot Encrusted in Puff Pastry with Tomato Couli.
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Flight 1: 1970s

1.1 1974 Ridge York Creek Vyd, Spring Mtn, Napa, 13.9% alcohol
Gorgeous, complex nose of earth, cherries, and sassafras. Full and complex in the mouth. Very long finish. At its peak now. 95 points.

1.2 1979 Ridge York Creek Vyd, Spring Mtn, Napa, 14.5% alcohol
Much deeper, dark black fruit and bark mulch in the nose. Big and rich in the mouth. Complex and tannic, but delicious and ready to drink now thru 2018. 95 points.
More open at 9:30. A truly great PS. 97 points.

Flight 2: Late 1980s

2.1 1988 Stags' Leap Winery, Napa
Huge ripe red fruit nose. Gorgeous cherry fruit in the mouth. Tart, tannic, and still too young, but opening up slowly. Getting fuller as it breathes. Tasty stuff. Drink 2012-2020. 92–94 points.

2.2 1988 Stags' Leap Winery Reserve, Napa
A more earthy nose. A stunning wine! Richly expansive in the mouth. This wine has great balance and harmony, though it is still young and tannic. Very long finish. 97 points.

2.3 1989 Ridge York Creek Vyd, Spring Mtn, Napa, 13.9% alcohol
Complex, earth, licorice, but short and hot on the finish. 87 points.

2.4 1989 Ridge Devil's Hill Vyd, Spring Mtn, Napa, 13.7% alcohol
Muted nose. Big and rich. Mellow, tannic, balanced. Nice stuff. 92–94 points.

With Flight 3 we had Soft Shell Crab Sautéed in Sage Butter.
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Flight 3: Mid-1990s

3.1 1994 Stags' Leap Winery, Napa
Huge tannic nose. Big rich complex sour cherry flavors. Needs 10-15 years. 89–93 points.

3.2 1994 Ridge York Creek Vyd, Spring Mtn, Napa 13.9% alcohol
Rich, thick, sour cherry. Tannic. Good length. Still huge. 90–94 points.

3.3 2004 Rosenblum Heritage Clones, San Francisco Bay, 15.4% alcohol
[I was told this was the 94, but it was the 04. That's why it's in this flight.] Cloyingly sweet red fruit nose. Rich sweet licorice and strawberry fruit. 88 points.
10 pm: Black fruit and licorice. Much better. 92 points.

3.4 1996 Turley Aida Vyd, Napa, 13.8% alcohol
Stunning nose. Big rich complex. Wow! What a wine! Blows my doors off!! 98 points.

3.5 1996 Turley Hayne Vyd, Napa, 15% alcohol
[Decanted 1.5 hours.] Surprisingly youthful nose. Huge, young, blackberry liqueur. Tastes 10 years younger than 3.4. 96–98 points.

With Flight 4 we had Roasted Lamb Chops with Tomato Polenta.
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Flight 4: Mid-2000s

4.1 2005 Peltier Station, Lodi, 14.8% alcohol
A monster of sweet tannins. Delicious! 92–94 points.

4.2 2004 Warrabilla Durif Reserve, Rutherglen, Victoria, 16.5% alcohol
Another tannic monster. Rich and sweet. Really tasty! 93 points.

4.3 2005 Robert Foley, Napa, 14.5% alcohol
Delicious! The most drinkable wine in this flight. So lush and tasty! A great way to finish up. 95 points.

I could not find alcohol levels for the Stags' Leaps. The bottle of 88 Reserve does not have the alcohol level on it anywhere!




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