Zach's Ski House near Mt. Snow, Vermont (6/13/2009)

Steve Saxon was visiting from out west, so we organized this free-for-all tasting event. It actually expanded to Friday night, but I could only make it for Saturday. There were some excellent wines drunk Friday and a few Saturday that I did not get to taste.

Attendees: Zach Lang (host), Jordan Whitehead (chef), Steve Saxon (guest of honor), Peter C z y r y c a (Steve's co-conspirator), Tyler Rico, Michael Malinoski, MattBillet (Ken's Cousin), Joe (Ken's cousin's friend). Sadly, L e o F r o k i c got a flat tire and never made it, but he was there in spirit as everyone told their Leo stories, mostly using the voice of Borat! ;)

Whites and Champagnes

With shellfish wonderfully prepared by Jordan.


With incredible Flannery pork and beef.


Hats off to Zach for his hospitality and to Jordan for his cooking! And thanks to Steve for giving us an excuse. It was a great evening. I very much enjoyed meeting everyone. Steve is a mench and even crazier in person!

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