Produttori del Barbaresco
@ Braeburn Restaurant, NYC (8/23/2010)

This dinner is one in a series of Barolo dinners organized by Eric Guido and Leo Frokic.

For me, this was a second Produttori tasting in recent memory. The first was organized by Rare Wine Co., and included flights from the 1978, 1985, 1988, 1989, and 1996 vintates. You can read my notes from that tasting here. A third Produttori dinner was organized by Rare Wine Co in March 2012. My notes from that dinner are here. You can find much more information about the winery and its wines at the Fine Wine Geek's Produttori page.

The Restaurant

Braeburn was a very good restaurant, but sadly it closed in 2011. It was located at 117 Perry Street at the corner of Greenwich Street in the West Village of NYC. Chef Brian Bistrong has since moved on to Bouley Restaurant (163 Duane Street) in NYC.

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Leo and I arrive.

The Wines

Flight 1

Flight 2

Flight 3

Flight 4

Flight 5

Flight 5


Produttori del Barbaresco produces some of the best values in the entire Langhe.

Notes posted from CellarTracker

You can also see Eric Guido's notes on this tasting in his blog, The VIP Table.

The Food

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Yummy little roll. Watermelon cubes in olive oil with herbs.
Roasted Beet Salad with Braeburn Apples,
Spicy Walnuts, & Goat Cheese Fondue?
Vanilla Doughnut Holes.

The People

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Josh, Eric, Walt.
Walt, Ali, Leo.
Walt, Ali, Leo.
Tom, Aya, Marty.
Tom, Aya, Marty, Joe.



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