WCC Dinner with Bobby Kacher
at Yono's Restaurant, Albany, NY (11/11/2010)

One of the founders of my local tasting group (Joel S) won a dinner with famed importer Bobby Kacher (of Robert Kacher Selections) as part of a charity auction. The details were unclear to me, but we had terrific wines and terrific food for free!!!

The food at Yono's was the best I'd ever had there. With Bobby's guidance, they emphasized more classic country French cooking and it really worked! Each wine was served with a separate course.

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The Menu. Joel S introduces Bobby K.

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Many thanks to Joel for his winning bid and to Bobby Kacher for visiting us and bringing these terrific wines for us to try. These wines have a consistent authenticity and quality that is quite impressive!

More Photos of People

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Joel S introduces our guest of honor. Dick, George, Joel H, Steve listen.

Mike eats an Oyster with Crème Fraîche & Caviar.     Scott, Joel S, and Bobby Kacher.

Joel S & Bobby K. Bobby K, Matthew, Bob B, Bob S.

The guy in the painting looks like Bobby!     Joel S and Bobby K.

Joel S & Bobby. Joel S & Bobby.

Scott, Joel, Bobby. Scott, Joel, Bobby.

Owner/Chef Yono Purnomo. Owner/Chef Yono Purnomo.

Owner/Chef Yono Purnomo. Owner/Chef Yono Purnomo.

Bobby K, Bob S. Bobby K, Mike T, Dick, George.

Bobby K, Mike T, Dick. Mike T, Dick, George, Bobby K.

Dick, George, Bobby K.

Bobby K & Steve chat. Steve is happy.



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