Gala Dinner at Antonio Galloni's La Festa del Barolo
at Del Posto Restaurant, NY (4/27/2013)

This was the evening gala dinner at Antonio Galloni's La Festa del Barolo 2013. I sat with members of my regular Barolo group at the Brovia table with Alex Sanchez who is now the winemaker at Brovia and with Jeremy Sells who works for the Brovia importer Mad Rose Group / Rosenthal Wine Merchant. The Brovia Winery was founded in 1863.

Part 1 of this special day was an Afternoon Tasting of New Release Barolos (almost all 2008).

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The Wines

The wines just kept coming, so this is one big flight with all the wines I tasted in the order I tasted them.

Tasting notes posted from CellarTracker

The Food

The food at Del Post is mostly very good, especially the pasta courses.

This year's first course was a better match to the wines.
Vitello Tonnato with Olive Crostone, Caper Shoots,
Parsley Stem, & Lime Cells.

First Pasta Course: Veal Agnolotti with Grana Padano. I could eat this all night and be happy.

Second Pasta Course: Garganelli Verdi al Ragu Bolognese.

New York Strip Steak with Parmigiano Puffs, Wild Mushrooms & Bone Marrow Sauce.
This dish left me flat. Maybe because there was so much wine already,
but we had this same meat last time and it has very little flavor.

Trio of Piemontese Cheeses.

The People

Our Table
My regular Barolo group was seated at the Brovia table with Alex Sanchez
who is now the winemaker at Brovia and Jeremy Sells who works for
the Brovia U.S. importer Rosenthal Wine Merchant (Mad Rose Group).

Jeremy Sells, Alex Sanchez, Jamie Wolff.

Jamie Wolff, Bob Hughes, Joe Gagliano.

Joe Gagliano, Henry Kahn, Dan Tisch.

Dan Tisch, Kelly Walker, Greg dal Piaz.

Henry is a
most happy fella.
Del Posto Wine Director
Jeff Porter visits our table.

Having fun.

Luca Currado of Vietti comes over to visit.

Josh Leader and Meridith Wilford visit with Joe and Dan.

Carl Klapper visits with Dan.

Bruce Katz visits with Dan and Kelly.

Alex, Jamie, Greg.

Nicolai Søegaard chats with our table's sommelier, Liz Nicholson,
who was also our sommelier the night before in her regular job at Maialino.

Nadia Cogno & Valter Fissore of Elvio Cogno who made
one of my favorite wines of the afternoon 2008 tasting.

Franco Conterno of Aldo Conterno and Guido Fantino of Conterno-Fantino.

A collection of Aldo Conterno wines from the evening.

Other People's Bottles

There were 16 tables at this event. One was the head table where Antonio and Marzia sat. Each of the other tables of 8 people had one of the 15 winemakers and possibly another family member or a US importer. Each table was identified by the name of the vineyard associated with that winery. I think it was the one for the wine brought by that winemaker to the afternoon tasting. For example, we sat with Alex Sanchez of Brovia, so our table was labeled ca'mia.

Here you see the backroom where the sommeliers are each taking care of the wines for the table that he or she were assigned to. Note the table names above the wines. I believe those are the wines for our table in the foreground of the first photo and you can just see Liz Nicholson's hands in the lower left:

Wines for the G. Conterno table:

More great wines for other tables:

More great wines for other tables:

More great wines for Carl K's table, I think:

More great wines for other tables:

There was also a nice Champagne to start:

Bottles Left on Other Tables

Taking photos of other people's bottles may seem a little weird, but I took these photos just in case these bottles turn out to be ones that I am missing from one of my charts (or charts to be). Still, I thought it might be of interest here to see what kinds of wine people brought and shared at this event.




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