Nebbiolo Lunch with Jeremy Parzen & Friends
@ I Trulli Restaurant, NYC (7/6/2015)

Jeremy Parzen, who writes one of my favorite blogs on the Internet, Do Bianchi, was in town hosting a tasting of Franciacorta sparkling wines at I Trulli. I was able to take the train down and organize a lunch with a few fellow Neb Heads. Turned out to be a lovely way to spend a summer day.

Coincidently, the last time Jeremy and I were able to get together, it was over lunch in NYC.

For each image, I have posted a compressed (and possibly cropped) version. Click on it to see the original, much larger image.

Flight 1: Franciacorta SoloUva
Burrata: Creamy-centered mozzarella from puglia with chicory and radicchio.
Discussing the SoloUva Franciacorta with Jeremy & the winemaker Giovanni Arcari:
Carl and Iggy:
Ben, Mark, Jeremy:
Mark, Jeremy, and Giovanni:

Flight 2: Borgo del Tiglio
Polpo: Grilled baby octopus with potatoes, pickled beans and black olives.

Flight 3: Older Nebbiolo
Dora’s Sunday Polpette: Beef Meatballs in tomato sauce.

Flight 4: Younger Nebbiolo
Malloreddus: Saffron dumplings of Sardinia with pork sausage and tomato.

Lasagna: Dora’s traditional layered pasta.

The owner of I Trulli, Nicola Marzovilla, joins us for a little while:
Mark, Jeremy, and Giovanni:


As always, a joy to share good wine and good food with good people.

After looking at my notes and scores, a couple of the attendees wrote to say that they thought the WOTL (wine of the lunch) was the 1979 Giacosa. I took this to mean that they thought I enjoyed the 1999 Monprivato even more, so I replied:

If this is in response to the points I gave, don't take them too seriously. One of the reasons I feel comfortable using points is that I know their limitations. My scores are just some abstract idea of the overall quality of the wine. So in some idealized world, I do think the 99 Monprivato (at its peak) is a "better" wine than the 79 Giacosa (at its peak).

But that doesn't answer a lot of other questions, like if I could have picked only one of those bottles to have with dinner, which would it have been? Or which is more special? (Since I have no more of the 79 Giacosa and about a case of the 99 Monprivato.)

Then again, I truly did find each bottle special during this lunch. The chance to try the SoloUva with Giovanni. The Pora which was delicious and told me a few of the 1990 Produttori I bought and drank recently weren't as well stored. The Oddero was a great example of 1978. And sharing the 67 Giacosa with all of you (esp. Jeremy) made it extra special, even though it would have been better with a few more hours. Maybe instead of lunch, we should call it communion.

Tasting notes posted from CellarTracker.

Mark Scudiery's write up of this lunch.

Jeremy's commentary on this lunch.



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