Dinner with Ed Zimmerman, Chris Thile, and Other Cool Folks
at White Street Restaurant, NYC (7/8/2015)

Ed Zimmerman generously put together this dinner of wine lovers, tech people, and musicians. The guest of honor was Chris Thile, a brilliant musician, a lover of Nebbiolo and soon to be the new host of A Prairie Home Companion.

The wine and food people included Mannie Berk (owner of Rare Wine Co), Thomas Burke (US rep for Ch. Margaux based in Las Vegas), Alex Michas of Vintus, Jordan Salcito, Beverage Director of Momofuku restaurants in NYC and owner & winemaker of Bellus Wines and her husband, Robert Bohr, Wine Director & Owner of Charlie Bird Restaurant in SoHo.

The tech people included Ed (Chair of the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP) with his wife Betsy, Jake Schwartz (CEO and Co-Founder of General Assembly), Dwight Merriman (Co-Founder of MongoDB and many other companies including DoubleClick), and I suppose your humble scribe, though perhaps I was included under wine.

The food at White Street was excellent. The Kobe beef in particular was heaven. Sadly, White Street Restaurant (221 West Broadway, NYC) closed in 2016.

Ed supplied all the wines except the few below where I mention who brought it.

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Picking up my wine from Jamie Wolff, co-owner at Chambers Street Wines and arriving at White Street.

Our host Ed (center) chats with Chris (left). Dwight and Rob on the right.

Chris and Mannie with Robert in the background.

Rob, Dwight, and Chris.

There are more people pix after the tasting notes.

Flight 1: Whites while standing.

Note the bottle without a label. We did some research to try to identify it.
The cork provides a clue to the mystery wine.

Dwight and Mannie search for the wine. Dwight finds it on Delectable.

Flight 2: Bollinger Champagne.

Flight 3: Whites from Jura and Burgundy.
Salmon Tartare with Avocado, Cucumber, and Shaved Baby Vegetables.

Flight 4: Barolo
Bucatini with Short Rib Ragu, Rosemary, and Red Wine.
I think it was at this point in the dinner, that Chris compared Nebbiolo to Bach. He said, Nebbiolo is contrapuntal like Bach, with multiple complex themes or melodies playing at different levels at the same time, different but fitting together. I rather liked that. It put to words something I knew but could not describe.

Flight 5: Barbaresco and Barolo
Grilled Kobe Steak with Wild Mushroom Ragout, and Red Wine Jus.

Flight 6: Georges Mugneret Red Burgundy
Cheese Plate: Bellweather Farm San Andreas (sheep, CA), Five Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed (cow, NY), Cavemater Reserve Cornelia (cow, NY).

Flight 7: 2004 Luciano Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne

My tasting notes posted from CellarTracker.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Creme Fraiche Sorbet, Pecan Macaroon, and Coconut Tuille.


What can I say but many thanks to Ed and all the participants for a wonderful evening! There were so many people I would have liked to have more time to chat with, but there just isn't enough time in one evening. I could repeat this evening many times sitting next to different people each time. (And repeating the food and wine wouldn't be suffering either!) What a special event!

More People Photos

Click on any photo with a border for a larger view.
Ed introducing the dinner. Rob on the right.

Mannie and Chris.

Robert, Jordan, Dwight.

Four pix of Chris & The Fine Wine Geek taken by Ed.




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