Aged Nebbiolo & a Few Burgs at BerserkerFest

@ Peking Duck House, 236 East 53rd St, NYC, 5/28/2016

This was an event organized through Wine Berserkers, the world's largest and most active online wine community.

Brad Kane arranged this fest at the midtown Peking Duck House (236 East 53rd St in NYC). As Brad said on Berserkers:
So, we're set at Peking Duck House for New York's latest Berserkerfest. We're going to repeat what we did in March of 2014, in that to keep things easier, each table will have a head/organizer and each table will be responsible for ordering what they want and will pay their own bill, though to make things a easier on the restaurant, everyone will be getting the mixed appetizer plate we've all come to know and love and each table will get a minimum of three ducks. Feel free to add apps, sides, entrees or more ducks if you wish. Again, each table will be responsible for their own bill.

Additionally, since we are not asking people to pay for the event upfront, please, please, please sign up only if you know if you can make it. There are a limited number of seats available and last minute cancellations will throw tables and plans out of whack and may prevent people that wanted to attend, from attending. Plus, we want to do right by the restaurant. If you are signed up and need to cancel, please give as much lead time as possible so if we end up with a wait list, someone will be able to attend in your place, but, again, please only sign up if you're sure you can make it. We had few cancellations last time with this policy and it would be great if we could duplicate that feat.

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Dinner started at 7pm, but food wasn't served until almost 8pm. There were 4 tables of 10 and 2 tables of 8 for a total of 56 attendees. Our table was one of the 10-tops and focused on aged Nebbiolo. I was our table organizer.


The Fine Wine Geek caught fondling a Burgundy.
(Photo by Brad Kane.)

Pre-1990 Nebbiolo

A Burgundy Intermezzo


Each person got this plate of tasty appetizers:

Distinctive and delicious Fried Deep Sea Scallop & Seaweed:

Two 1996 Barbarescos

Two 1997 Barolos

Peking Duck

Carving the ducks:

So tasty in a pancake: Some bones to gnaw on:

1996 and 2000 Roagna Barbaresco Crichët Pajé

Two 1998 Barolo Magnums and a Bad Bottle

Other Dishes

Broccoli with Garlic, Shrimp Fried Rice: Beef with Black Bean Sauce:

Crispy String Beans with Minced Pork: Sliced Beef with Scallops:

Another Burgundy Intermezzo

A Dessert Treat


We had a great mix of people, a lot of fine wines, and a lot of fun. You'd be surprised how well this food goes with these wines, especially the duck.

Notes posted from CellarTracker.

People Photos

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Our Nebbiolo Table

Linda's hand, John, Steve, Diane, Jennifer.

Diane, Jennifer, Marc, Jonathan. Looking mischievous.

Marc, Jonathan, Iggy, and Josh's hand.

Other Tables

Brent, Jordan, Joe.

Joe, Brad.

Christine, Leo's friend, Leo, Suzanne.

The Table of Important People.

The Berserker King & his Queen, Jorge, Michel (seated), Josh (from my table).

Moe, Larry, & Curley.




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