Vajra Barolo Chinato

According to its website, the G.D. Vajra Winery uses their Barolo DOCG Albe of the current vintage as the production base of their Barolo Chinato. The chinatura is the addition of infusions of about thirty herbs, rinds and roots of plants, including China (Cinchona Calisaya), hence the name. In the end, it is 85% DOCG Barolo Albe and 15% hydro-alcoholic extracts of aromatic and medicinal herbs.

They hint at a recipe: Every Chinato has a secret recipe, but some flavors (primarily that of Barolo) are so obvious that they can not be kept under wraps ... Selecting the herbs we have chosen those favored by the specific digestive, decongestant and relaxing properties, drawing liberally from the rich floral heritage of the Alps that hug Piedmont. The peel of organic oranges from Sicily, spices and brown sugar complete the process.

According to this article, when Aldo Vaira was a child, if he got sick his mother would give him homemade Barolo Chinato. Aldo says that, In all families, there was a culture of herbs, the simplest being chamomile. That’s why I wanted it on the label.
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