Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Bernino 1967

There is a also a 1967 Produttori base Barbaresco and a Cavalieri bottling of the 1967 Produttori base Barbaresco.

As far as I know, it is the same wine in all 3 of these bottlings.

The bottle shown below mentions Bernino on the neck tag. Bernino is a small vineyard within the large vineyard of Ovello.

Aldo Vacca said about these photos, Odore Alessandro was one of our members, his granddaughter Odore Alessandra is a member now. We never released a Bernino Cru, the tag was probably made by the winery following a request from Mr. Odore for some special gift or celebration he had to do. In those days there were no rules about names and crus, so these things were handled more unformally than now... Bernino, Loreto, Albano, Morassino are all subzones of Ovello and when the Cru zonation became official, with the 2007 vintage, they all went together under the Ovello appellation.

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