at Montrachet Restaurant, NYC (5/17/2004)

This was my second BB offline, and it was a load of fun! Organized by Dan Myers in honor of a visit to NYC by Roy Hersh. The attendees were Michel Abood, Roy Hersh, Mark Hirshorn, Victor Hong, Jamie Kutch, Jay Miller, Dan Myers, Steve Sharoff, Ken Vastola, Chris Wilford, and James Wright.

The notes, scores, and opinions below are entirely my own (except where noted). I hope I do not offend anyone who's wine I didn't fully appreciate. There were many differing opinions about the wines. I hope everyone will chime in with their own opinions. Also, please add or correct any info as necessary. In particular, I did not catch who brought each of the wines. Please let me know.

Montrachet's food is excellent. The atmosphere is warm and pleasant; the staff is professional (though they did freak out a little when group members pulled out their own glasses, even though these were marked). Net cost per person was $86 for the dinner, a bargain for this quality of food.

Note that Montrachet closed in 2006, but was reopened by the same company as Corton. In 2021, it is called Batard.

This was BYOB Monday at Montrachet. We only had a couple of interactions with other tables (see below), but later saw that others had brought some outstanding wines: loads of Burgundies, 82 Ducru and Haut Brion, 86 Yquem, . . .

The Whites

THE REDS (all served blind)

Wine A (originally Wine 9, but jumped up due to its maturity)

Flights 1 and 2 below served with appetizer course. Mine was Warm Asparagus with Bluefoot Mushrooms and Saint André Cream which was so delicious! Even with the asparagus, it was ok with the wines because of the mushrooms and cheese.

Flight 1: Tuscan Sangiovese
Chris and Jay had these wines reversed in preference from me including the notes!

The following wine just appeared without a number. It was said that this was somehow not valid, but I never figured out why. Can anyone help me with this?

Flight 2: Tuscan Cab/Merlot

The rest of the dry reds were served the main course. Mine was Rack of Lamb Pipérade with Tomato Confit. Superb lamb. Very good for these wines.

Flight 3: Piedmont

Flight 4: Supposedly Veneto
Chris also brought a Bussola Amarone which he said was corked, so we didn't drink it.

Wine from another table

Flight 5: Just one wine


My dessert course was Croustillant of Kiwi and Passion Fruit. Yummy!


Chris and I still wanted more dessert wine. I started looking at the Montrachet list. When I saw the Madeiras, I showed them to Chris who jumped at it and got Steve and Roy involved. Roy is clearly the expert here. This was a delightful experience. We ended up with about 2 pours of each of the 2 wines below from the bottom of the bottles. We were able to get 4 small pours out of each which was plenty for me. This stuff is not easy to drink in any quantity (after an evening like this).




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