Shopping at the Original Eataly
Turin, Piedmont, Italy (7/2/2016)

On my first night in Italy, my wonderful friends put on the most amazing dinner in their home. Ezio is the distinguished professor who really got me hooked on Nebbiolo long ago. His wife Raffaella is a retired teacher and a wonderful chef.

But before dinner, Ezio had to run over to the original Eataly in Turin to pick up a few things for dinner. I could not resist seeing this famous super market for Italian food and wine. So after a shower and a short nap, I joined Ezio for the short drive from his home to Eataly Turin Lingotto.

Eataly was founded on this site in Turin in 2004 by Oscar Farinetti. Farinetti was a very successful entrepreneur who founded the consumer electronics chain UniEuro. He was born and raised in Alba. In 2008, he purchased famed Barolo winery Giacomo Borgogno & Figli from Giorgio Boschis and his brother, Cesare, great-nephews of Giacomo Borgogno. The winery had been in the Borgogno family for nearly 250 years.

For each image, I have posted a compressed (and possibly cropped) version. Click on it to see the original, much larger image.

This place is amazing with multiple floors, multiple restaurants, and pretty much everything in Italian food.

Ezio starts in the Sweets Department:

Cured Meats and Cheese Dept.

Nothing kosher about this place.

Ezio placing his order with hams overhead.

Culatello di Zibello for our dinner:

Hallelujah Cheeses!

Fresh Meat Dept.

Cooked Meat Dept.

Fish Dept.

Produce Dept.

Moving Ramps Between Floors

Pasta Dept.

Bread Dept.

Wine Dept.

Eataly was founded by Oscar Farinetti. As mentioned above, since 2008, Farinetti has owned the historic Barolo winery
Giacomo Borgogno & Figli. The impact of this can be seen in the wine department.

The sign says, "The price given is the price for a single bottle." Just in case you thought is was the case price.

Heading Back Upstairs

The End

Yes, the Fine Wine Geek rates his experience highly!

Next on my trip was the wonderful dinner in the home of Ezio & Raffaella.



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