Gala Dinner at Antonio Galloni's La Festa del Barolo
at Del Posto Restaurant, NYC (2/3/2017)

This was the Friday evening gala dinner at Antonio Galloni Vinous Media's 2017 La Festa del Barolo. I sat with members of my old Barolo group at the Massolino Winery table with the Franco Massolino. Franco is the co-owner with his brother Roberto and co-winemaker together with his brother and Giovanni Angeli.

Part 2 of La Festa del Barolo was a Morning Tasting of the New Release of 2012 Barolos the next day.

My notes and photos for Each has a link to the corresponding current release tasting for that year.

Champagne Reception

The Champagne Reception is a great opportunity to meet old friends and new. Unfortunately, I once again did not get to all the sparkling wines that were available to taste. Still, I did get to meet lots of great people.

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Jamie Wolff and Alessandro Masnaghetti clowning for the camera.

The FWG is a big fan of Map Man Masnaghetti.

Grape Guru Ian D'Agata with Michael Zoppo.
Photo courtesy Michael Zoppo.

View from the bar. In the lower right are Dan & Amanda Moritz and Jon Doft.
Most of the tables for dinner were to the right of this photo on the first floor,
but a few were upstairs as can be seen in the upper right of this photo.

Champagne Tasting Notes

Since I was so busy saying hello to old and new friends, there were two other Champagnes served which I did not get to taste:


Some members of my old Barolo group and I sat at the table for the Massolino Winery table with the Franco Massolino. Franco is the co-owner with his brother Roberto and co-winemaker together with his brother and Giovanni Angeli. Also at our table was Audrey Herd-Smith, Manhattan Sales Manager for Vineyard Brands who represents Massolino in the US.

Left to right around our table:

Bob Tobey, Todd Tucker:

Steve Tanzer, Franco Massolino, Audrey Herd-Smith:

Dan Petroski, Jonathan Doft, Greg Dal Piaz:
Dan Petroski is the owner and winemaker at Massican Winery and the winemaker at Larkmead Vineyards.

Not pictured: Jamie Wolff.

Dinner Wines & Food

The wines just came, one after another. No flights, just wines. I group them with the dish I drank them with.

Truffled Beef Carne Cruda with Crispy Sunchoke Chips. This was really delicious. And a nice starter for Barolo.

Pasta 1
Pork & Veal Agnolotti in Parmigiano-Reggiano Butter. Delicious, but better with the Chablis than any of the reds.

Pasta 2
Gigli Verdi in Pork & Veal Ragù Bolognese. Superb pasta dish and very good with the Nebbiolo.

Dry-Aged New York Strip Steak with Charred Onion Jus & Crispy Fingerling Salad. I don't know how they call
this strip steak. It's much more like the tenderloin used for chateaubriand. It's just too lean to be really good.

Giuseppe Vaira stops by to say hello and bring us a 3-liter bottle of his 2007 Bricco delle Viole. TN below.

Fontina, La Tur, and Parmigiano-Reggiano with Grilled Bread.


Tasting notes posted from CellarTracker

Other People at Other Tables

Not too many of these this year. Too many good wines at our table.

My other Nebbiolo group sat at another table. I brought my magnum of 82 Gaja over for them to try.
That's Michael Zoppo handing back the mag, Iggy Melito with the smile of approval next to him.
On the right is Marc DiBella holding the mag.
Mark Scudiery's notes on this evening. He sat at this table. I think that is his arm on the right.

Back to my table where Luca and Elena Currado have joined us. (Luca is under Elena.)
I also happened to catch Eric Guido passing by with two glasses.
Jon Doft is on the right chatting with Greg. Robin Kelley O'Connor is chatting with Elena.




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