WCC White Burgundy Blind
@ the Fort Orange Club, Albany, NY (8/18/2022)

My local wine group met for the first time since November 2019. The theme was white Burgundy. The longtime leader of our group passed the baton to me. This was my first dinner in this capacity since 2005.

All the wines were opened around 7pm. Dinner ran from 7:30 to around 10pm. The wines were bagged and served blind to the group, but were known to me since I organized the flights.

We chose the Fort Orange Club as the venue because we knew we'd have a private room and it has been quite consistent in the past. It did not disappoint. The new Executive Chef Peter Jones is very good. The dishes were quite tasty and well matched to the wines.

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In the spring of 2021, our second co-founder Joel Spiro passed away. We began this dinner with a toast to him and a few other dearly departed members. The choice of Burgundy as the theme was in honor of Joel since it was clearly his favorite wine region. Joel was so notable and well-regarded in the local food and wine community that our local paper published an article about him that highlights his joy for living and his generosity of spirit.
Flight 1: 2009 Base Wines
Risotto: Local sweet corn, Maine Lobster, Green Onions:

Mike T could not be with us this evening, but he asked me to read the following in honor of Joel Spiro:
Congrats to Ken and to all of you for pulling this night together and restarting the wine collectors. I can't be with you physically or virtually tonight, but I am there in spirit. It is fitting that we use this re-boot to honor Joel Spiro. It is so appropriate that the wine is burgundy, and the venue is the Fort Orange Club—Joel was fond of both.

In commemoration of him, I respectfully call on Joel Spiro to pick a wine from the first flight, and tell us why you like it. In the spirit of the Academy Awards, I call on our former wine fairy to accept this task, for Joel.

Have a good tasting, a good dinner, and a good night.

This was very much appreciated by the group.

Here's a photo that I took of Joel at a Burgundy dinner in 2019:

Flight 2: 2016 Meursault Les Genevrières
Sous Vide Chicken Breast: Local Summer Vegetables and Beurre Blanc:

Flight 3: Corton-Charlemagne
Pochouse (Fish Stew): Mussels, Shrimp and Crab in Saffron Broth, Crispy Baguette:

Flight 4: Vincent Girardin Corton-Charlemagne Quintessence
Cheese Board: Comte, Camembert, Humboldt Fog, Grapes, Honey Comb, Nuts, Crostini:

All the wines:

People Pix

Executive Chef Peter Jones comes out to a round of applause:

Around the table:


There were, not surprisingly, a couple of duds, but all in all, the other wines showed quite well.

While several members could not attend, it was great seeing those who could be there. The sense of community one gets from enjoying good food, good wine, and good company together is quite special. I missed these people and these dinners quite a bit.

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