1990s California Cabernet & Lugeresque Steaks
at Pratt's Inn, Yorktown, NY (6/22/2008)

Photos are here.

This was the fourth "Pratt's Lugeresque" where Mark Franks works with John Pratt to create a steak dinner modeled on Peter Luger's Restaurant (which will not let us BYOB). There are typically 8 or so tables of 8 people each which each plan their own wine theme. I sat at a 1990s California Cabernet table.

Members of Our Table and Wines
I did not take tasting notes, so all I have here are the photos.

A word about Pratt's: This was a terrific afternoon. The service excellent. The food was great. For more photos of Pratt's and their food, check out my photos from a previous Pratt's dinner.

To anyone who might be in that area, do try this place; I am sure their regular dinners are great.

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