The Pertinax Logo

The Pertinax Logo appears somewhere on almost every Produttori bottle until the early 1970s, and on just about every bottle of basic Barbaresco since then. For example, here are the 1974 basic Barbaresco and the 1967 Pora Riserva, each with this logo on the capsule and the lower right of the main label:

Typically, it takes the form of a medal or coin which shows the Roman emperor Pertinax. Pertinax was born near Barbaresco (in a village now called Pertinace) and became the emperor of Rome on 1 January 193 A.D. Unfortunately for him, he was killed less than three months later at the age of 66 by the Praetorian Guard, after trying to reform them. More information can be found on the Wikipedia page on Pertinax.

For example, here is the label for the 2006 basic Barbaresco:

The logo may be based on this coin which was minted during the reign of Pertinax (taken from Wikipedia):

Interestingly, there is another Cooperative based in the town of Pertinace where Pertinax was born. It was founded in 1972 and is called Cantina Vignaioli Elvio Pertinace. Its vineyards are in the commune of Treiso.



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