Gewürztraminer with no name

2000 Dry Gewürztraminer Wine from Babcock Vyd

This is a rare wine that was never sold by the winery.

Many of the bottles of this wine give 1999 as the vintage, but this wine is only from the 2000 vintage. Manfred wrote, Incidentally it is a 2000, not 1999. I think I may have written 1999 onto some bottles in the past because I couldn't remember the exact year because I just never gave the wine a lot of attention since it was never going to be sold. But it IS a 2000.

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Thanks to Dan Gordon for the first photo below. He said that the back side of this bottle contained a personal inscription.
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This is a rare wine that was not sold to the full mailing list, but only given as a gift or prize to a few customers.

The first bottle above was from a batch that was sent in 2004 to a small number of SQN's best customers as a thank you gift.

The second bottle above is one of those that was given to some of the people who submitted clever answers to Manfred's blah blah letter. This was the offer letter sent out early in 2011 offering the 2009 On the Lam white wine and the 2007 Dangerous Birds Grenache and Syrah. Manfred had replaced many of the words in the letter with the word blah. He offered a three-liter set of the Dangerous Birds Grenache and Syrah to the person who got the most words correct. But he was so impressed with many of the letters that he received, that he gave out other rewards including bottles of this 2000 Gewürztraminer.

The writing on the bottle in the second photo says, Thank you for playing! Never released Gewürztraminer and is signed Manfred Krankl and dated 3/1/11 which in US notation means March 1, 2011.

Finally, here is a bottle with no writing at all. It was brought to a dinner by Manfred himself.



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