All the Wines of Sine Qua Non


Year Name            Primary GrapeColorDry? Vineyard, Location       Grape Detail       Quantity  
2017Eleven Confessions [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions937 cases 750ml, 228 mags, 24 3L
2017Eleven Confessions [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions 921 cases 750ml, 228 mags, 24 3L
200517th Nail in My Cranium, The SyrahRedDry11Confessions97%S, 3%V  
2000A CappellaPinot Noir RedDryShea 561 cases
1996Against the Wall SyrahRedDry Alban, Stolpman, BienNacido  
2001AlbinoWhite Blend WhiteDry Alban, Stolpman46%C, 40%R, 14%V513 cases
2013…And an Eight Track GrenacheRoséDry  85%G, 10%Mour, 5%S2856 bottles
1998Antagonists, The GrenacheRedDry   90 cases?
2005Atlantis Fe203~1a, b & c SyrahRedDry43%11Confess, 28%WhiteHawk, 21%Alban, 8%BienNacido 93%S, 5%G, 2%V 
2005Atlantis Fe2O3~2a, b & c GrenacheRedDry97% 11 Confess, 3% Alban93%G,7%S 
2005Atlantis Fe203~2d Vin de Paille [VdP]GrenacheRedSweet 11Confessions  
2005Atlantis Fe2O3~3e Vin de Paille [VdP]RoussanneWhiteSweet    
2006Autrement Dit GrenacheRoséDry    
2008B-20SyrahRed Dry50%11Confess, 20%BienNacido, 16%WhiteHawk, 14%Cumulus 91%S, 6%G, 3%V 
1998Backward & Forward White BlendWhiteDry  30%R, 40%C, 30%V516 cases
1992Black & Blue [B&B] [proj] Red BlendRedDry Napa V55%S, 45%Cab275 cases
2007Body & Soul Rhone BlendWhiteDry 78% 11Confess, 22% BienNacido71%R, 29%V475 cases
2000Boot, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry Alban, Stolpman49%C, 25.5%V, 25.5%R  
2003Boots, Pasties, Scanty Panties, and A Ten Gallon Hat TBA [TBA] RoussanneWhiteSweetAlban100%R 
1995Bride, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry R, C181 cases
2014Capo dei Putti [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions90%S, 3.2%PS, 2%G, 4.8%V896 cases, 228 mags, 30 3L
2015Chemin Vers L'Hérésie, Le GrenacheRedDry 35%3rdTwin, 28%Cumulus, 26%11Confessions, 9%BienNacido, 2%MollyAida 75%G, 13%Mour, 8%TN, 4%PS1204 cases, 600 mags
2010Chimère Châteauneuf du PapeRedDryLa Crau 95%Mour, 4%G, 1%WhiteG380 magnums
1997Complicator, ThePinot Noir RedDryShea  
2004Covert FingersPinot Noir RedDryArita Hills  
1997CrossedGrenache RoséDry  65 cases
2007Dangerous Birds [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions88%G, 10%S, 2%V 
2007Dangerous Birds [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions93%S, 4.5%G, 2.5%V355 cases
2011Dark Blossom GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions, Cumulus75%G, 12.5%S, 11.5%Mour, 1%R 
2011Dark Blossom SyrahRedDry Third Twin, 11Confessions, Cumulus84%S, 8%G, 4%PS, 4%R 
2016Deux GrenouillesWhite Blend WhiteDry Eleven Confessions, Cumulus, Bien Nacido36%R, 29%C, 23%V, 9%PM, 3%M 
2016Dirt Vernacular GrenacheRedDry11Confessions, 3rdTwin, Cumulus, BienNacido, MollyAida 78%G, 11.5%Mour, 7%TN, 3.5%PS 
2008Duel, The [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions80%G, 17%S, 2%V, 1%R 
2008Duel, The [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions93%S, 4%G, 3%V 
2015E [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions82%G, 12%S, 5%PS, 1%V900 cases, 228 mags, 30 3L
2002Syrah RoséDry   
1998El CorazonGrenache RoséDry   
2015Entre Chien et Loup White BlendWhiteDryEleven Confessions, Cumulus, Bien Nacido 44%C, 40%R, 8%PM, 8%V811 cases
1996E-LipsGrenache RoséDry  1 barrel (300 bottles)
1998E-RaisedSyrahRed DryAlban, Stolpman, BienNacido  
2013Female ♀ GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions, Cumulus%G, 16%S, 8%Mour 
2000Filly, TheGrenache RoséDry   
2010Five Shooter GrenacheRedDry11Confessions, Cumulus, BienNacido 75%G, 16%S, 4.5%R, 2.5%Mour, 2%V 
2010Five Shooter SyrahRedDry 11Confessions, Cumulus, ???85%S, 5%G, 5%R, 3%PS, 2%V 
2014Gallinita Rhone blendRoséDry  50%G, 25%Mour, 12.5%S, 12.5%PS??? bottles
1999Gewürztraminer with no name [GNN]GewürztraminerWhiteDry Babcock100%Gew 
2000Gewürztraminer with no name [GNN]GewürztraminerWhiteDry Babcock100%Gew 
2017Gorgeous Victim, The GrenacheRedDryCumulus, 11Confessions, 3rdTwin, other 76%G, 10%Mour, 9%S, 3.8%PS, 1.2%V1225cases,600mags
2017Hated Hunter, The SyrahRedDry 3rdTwin, 11Confessions, Cumulus, MollyAida82.4%S, 7.8%PS, 5.2%Mour, 2%G, other 1800cases,600mags
2002Heart Chorea [EBA]SyrahRedDry Mostly Alban & WhiteHawk95%S, 5%V820 bottles plus some mags
2000Heels Over Head [HoH]SyrahRedDry Alban100%S1 barrel (22 cases)
2002Hollerin' MPinot NoirRed DryShea 704 cases
2006Hoodoo Man, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry3/4 Alban, 1/4 11Confessions39%R, 31%V, 30%C 568 cases
1998Hospice du RhoneSyrah RedDryAlban 1 barrel (under 300 bottles)
2000Hussy, TheRoussanne WhiteDryStolpman, Alban100%R93 cases
1999IcarusGrenache RedDry3/4 Stolpman, 1/4 Alban80%G, 18%S, 2%V 
1997Impostor McCoySyrah RedDryAlban, Stolpman, BienNacido 529 cases
2000In FlagranteSyrah RedDryWhiteHawk, Stolpman, BienNacido, Alban86%S, 10%G, 4%V 725 cases
2012In The Abstract White BlendWhiteDry% 11Confess, % BienNacido, % Cumulus 35%C, 32%R, 17%V, 16%PM 
2006In the Crosshairs [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions84%G, 12%S, 4%V 
2001Inamorata VdP [VdP]RoussanneWhiteSweet  100%R 
2003Inaugural, The [EBA]GrenacheRed Dry11Confessions90%G, 10%S50 cases
2003Inaugural, The [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions97%S, 3%V250 cases
2000IncognitoGrenache RedDry2/3 Alban, 1/3 Stolpman95%G, 5%S263 cases
2004Into the DarkGrenache RedDryMostly 11Confess, rest Alban84%G, 8%Mour, 7%S, 1%V 500 cases
2008Jinete Bajo Vin de Paille [VdP]RoussanneWhiteSweet 100%11Confess100%R235 cases
2013Jusqu'à l'Os [EBA]GrenacheRed Dry11Confessions79%G, 18%S, 3%PS915 cases
2002Just For the Love of It SyrahRedDryequal parts Alban, BienNacido, Stolpman, a little ShadowCanyon, WhiteHawk96%S, 2%G, 2%V1000 cases
2008KolibriRhone Blend WhiteDry80%11Confess, 20%BienNacido2/3 R,1/3 V 
2007LabelsSyrahRed Dry66% 11Confessions, 17% WhiteHawk, 17% BienNacido89%S, 7%G, 4%V  
1996Left FieldPinot Noir RedDryShea  
1993Legs [Legs] [proj] RoussanneWhiteDry  100% R50 cases
2014LightmotifWhite Blend WhiteDryMostly 11Confess, Cumulus, C & M from BienNacido 46%R, 22%C, 13%PM, 11%V, 8%M 
2003Li'l EGrenacheRed DryNearly half 11Confess, rest Alban, AltaMesa, BienNacido 78%G, 12%Mour, 10%S150 cases
2008Line, TheGrenacheRed Dry65% 11Confess, 29%Cumulus, 6%BienNacido87.5%G,11%S,1.5%V  
2015M [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions91%S, 4%PS, 2.6%G, 2.4%V913 cases, 228 mags, 30 3L
2013Male ♂ Syrah RedDry11Confessions, Cumulus, Third Twin, White Hawk %S, 7%G, 6%PS, 2%V, 1%Mour 
1999Marauder, The SyrahRedDry Alban, Stolpman, BienNacido100%S 
2001Midnight OilSyrah RedDryAlban, Stolpman, BienNacido, WhiteHawk95.5%S, 3%G, 1.5%V 950 cases
2011Moment, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry% 11Confess, % BienNacido, % Cumulus 55%R, 19%C, 19%PM, 7%V 
2010Monkey, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry60% 11Confess, 20% BienNacido, 20% Cumulus 52%R, 23%V, 19%C, 5%M 
2002More Than a Number [SQN]GrenacheRedDry Alban, Stolpman, ShadowCanyon80%G, 20%S110 cases
1999Mr. K DBS [TBA]ViognierWhiteSweet Alban100% V 
1998Mr. K Eiswein [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
1999Mr. K Eiswein [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
2001Mr. K Ice Man [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
2002Mr. K Ice Man [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
2003Mr. K Ice Man [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
2006Mr. K Ice Man [ice]ViognierWhiteSweet Bien Nacido100% V 
2000Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ViognierWhiteSweet Alban100% V 
2001Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ChardonnayWhiteSweet Alban100%C 
2002Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ChardonnayWhiteSweet Alban100% C 
2003Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ChardonnayWhiteSweet Alban100% C537 cases of halves
2005Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ChardonnayWhiteSweet Alban100% C 
2006Mr. K Noble Man [TBA]ChardonnayWhiteSweet Alban100% C 
2000Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]SémillonWhiteSweet Brander100% Sem 
2001Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]SémillonWhiteSweet Brander100% Sem 
2002Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]SémillonWhiteSweet Brander100% Sem 
2003Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]SémillonWhiteSweet Brander100% Sem 
2004Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]SémillonWhiteSweet Brander100% Sem2500 halves
2005Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]MarsanneWhiteSweet Beckmen100% M 
2006Mr. K Straw Man [VdP]MarsanneWhiteSweet Beckmen100% M 
1998Mr. K TBA [TBA]ViognierWhiteSweet Alban100% botrytised V1245 halves
2000Mr. K Vin de Glacé [ice]GewürztraminerWhite SweetBabcock100% Gew 
1998Mr. K Vin de Paille [VdP]SémillonWhite SweetBrander100% Sem 
1999Mr. K Vin de Paille [VdP]SémillonWhite SweetBrander100% Sem1386 half btls
2005Naked Truth, TheGrenache RedDry11Confessions90%G, 10%S 
2001Net (1 Star) [Net]RoussanneWhiteDry 3/4 Alban, 1/4 Stolpman100% R110 cases
2007Next Of Kyn No ~ ISyrah RedDryCumulus92%S, 6%G, 2%R 324 boxes w/3 750s & 1 mag
2008Next Of Kyn No ~ IISyrah RedDryCumulus82%S, 13.5%G, 4.5%R 326 boxes w/3 750s & 1 mag
2009Next Of Kyn No ~ IIISyrah RedDryCumulus80%S, 14%G, 6%R 426 boxes w/3 750s & 1 mag
2010Next Of Kyn No ~ IVRed Blend RedDryCumulus44%S, 32%G, 12%PS, 8%Mour, 4%TN 473 boxes w/3 750s & 1 mag
2011Next Of Kyn No ~ VRed Blend RedDryCumulus42%S, 32%G, 16%Mour, 7%PS, 3%TN ~600 boxes w/3 750s & 1 mag
2001No. 6Pinot NoirRed DryShea 750 cases
2004Ode to E [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions95%G, 5%S248 cases including 130 mags
2004Ode to E [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions94%S, 4%G, 2%V500 cases including 130 mags
1996Omadhaun & Poltroon White BlendWhiteDry  60%R, 40%C?? cases & 32 mags
2003OmegaPinot NoirRed DryShea  
2009On the LamRhone Blend WhiteDry11Confess/Bien Nacido48%R, 35%C, 17%V 
2001On Your Toes [EBA]SyrahRedDry WhiteHawk, Alban, Stolpman100%S67 cases?
1995Other Hand, TheSyrah RedDryAlban, Stolpman, BienNacido100% S424 cases
2005Over & OutPinot Noir RedDryArita Hills  
1999OxPinot NoirRedDry    
2009Packin' RosyGrenache RoséDry 70%G, 16?%S, 14%R 
2001Pagan Poetry SyrahRoséDry    
2016Pajarito del Amor [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions85.4%G,7.1%PS, 6.9%S, 0.6%V916 cases 750ml, 228 mags, 30 3L
2003PapaSyrahRedDry WhiteHawk, Alban, ShadowCanyon, BienNacido, AltaMesa, 11Confess 97%S, 2%Mour, 1%G860 cases
2011Patine [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions78%G, 21%S, 1%V 
2011Patine [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions93%S, 4%PS, 1.6%R, 1.4%V 
2012Pearl ClutcherChardonnay WhiteDry100% BienNacido100% C2 barrels
2005Petition, TheWhite Blend WhiteDry62% Alban, 38% 11Confessions37%V, 33%R, 30%C  
2007PicturesGrenache RedDry"almost all" 11Confessions88%G, 10.5%S, 1.5%V  
2014Piranha Waterdance Syrah RedDry11Confessions, 3rdTwin, Cumulus 84%S, 7%G, 6%PS, 2%V, 1%Mour1839 cases 750s, 600mags
2004Poker FaceSyrahRed Dry11Confess, WhiteHawk, Alban, BienNacido, AltaMesa96%S, 2.5%Mour, 1.5%V 1000 cases
2008Pontiff, TheGrenache RoséDry 47%G, 31%S, 22%R 
1995Queen of Hearts GrenacheRoséDry  25 cases
1994Queen of SpadesSyrah RedDryBienNacido100% S100 cases
2016Rätsel 16 SyrahRedDry11Confessions, 3rdTwin, Cumulus, MollyAida 81%S, 7%Mour, 5%PS, 4.5%V, 2.5%G 
2012Rattrapante [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions84%G, 13%S, 3%PS 
2006Raven SeriesGrenache RedDryMostly 11Confess, rest BienNacido90%G, 10%S 880 cases
2006Raven SeriesSyrahRed Dryprimarily 11Confess, rest BienNacido & WhiteHawk93%S, 5%G, 2%V  
1995Red HandedGSM Blend RedDryAlban, Stolpman, BienNacido43%G, 40%S, 17%Mour 180 cases
2004Rejuvenators, TheWhite Blend WhiteDryAlban w/a little 11Confessions56%R, 24%V, 20%C  
2013RésistéWhite Blend WhiteDryMostly 11Confess, Cumulus, C & M from BienNacido 45%R, 26%C, 13.5%PM, 10.5%V, 5%M 
2001Rien Ne Va Plus RoussanneWhiteDry 100% R100 cases
1993Roussanne Is Coming [Legs] [proj] RoussanneWhiteDry  100% R295 cases
2001Rudy-Matt CuvéeGSM Blend RedDryAlban55.5%G, 39%S, 5.5%Mour 24 750s, 15 mags, 3 d-mags
2012Shackled Vin de Paille [VdP]Petit MansengWhiteSweet Cumulus100%PM1.5 barrels
2014Shakti GrenacheRed DryCumulus, 11Confessions, 3rdTwin, Bien Nacido88%G, 6%Mour, 4%PS, 2%TN 1199 cases 750s, 600mags
2006Shot in the Dark, A [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions96.5%S, 3.5%V 
2012Stein GrenacheRed Dry11Confessions, Cumulus76%G, 16%S, 8%Mour 
2012Stock SyrahRed Dry11Confessions, Cumulus, Third Twin, White Hawk 84%S, 7%G, 6%PS, 2%V, 1%Mour 
2012Sticks & Stones [SS]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions, Cumulus76%G, 16%S, 8%Mour 
2012Sticks & Stones [SS]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions, Cumulus, Third Twin, White Hawk 84%S, 7%G, 6%PS, 2%V, 1%Mour 
2010Stockholm Syndrome [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions75%G, 22%S, 2%R, 1%V 
2010Stockholm Syndrome [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions96%S, 3%V, 1%R 
2005StraplessSyrah RoséDry 100% S201 bottles?
2007Stripes & Stars Rhone BlendRoséDry  55%S, 45%G 
2016Subir [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions89.7%S, 4.6%G, 2.5%PS, 3.2%V932 cases 750ml, 228 mags, 30 3L
2003Sublime Isolation White BlendWhiteDry Alban44%C, 37%R, 19%V 
2000Suey TBA [TBA]RoussanneWhite SweetAlban100% Botrytised R597 halves
2013Supplément, Le [EBA]SyrahRed Dry11Confessions89%S, 6%PS, 3%G, 2%V914 cases
1995Tant Pis! [proj]Rhone BlendRedDry Alban60%G from Alban, 40%S from SQN1 barrel (under 150 magnums)
1999TarantellaWhite Blend WhiteDryAlban and Stolpman39%R, 33%C, 28%V 420cs & 105mags
2017TectumqueWhite Blend WhiteDryCumulus, 11Confess, 3rdTwin, C from BienNacido 38%R, 31%PM, 18%C, 9%V, 4%M773 cases, 324 mags
1990Terzetto (the trio) [proj]Red BlendRedDry Made with the Coppo Brothers in Canelli, Italy.40%Cab, 40%Barbera, 20%Freisa 50 cases
2014Testa dei Cherubini [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions80%G, 15.5%S, 4%PS, 0.5%V895 cases, 228 mags, 30 3L
2010That Type of … Rosay Rhone blendRoséDry 48%G, 38%S, 9%R, 5%V  
1990Thief [proj]ChardonnayWhiteDry Babcock100% C225 cases
2009This Is Not An Exit [EBA]GrenacheRedDry 11Confessions79%G, 15%S, 3%V, 3%R 
2009This Is Not An Exit [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions80%S, 12%G, 7%R, 1%V 
2009Thrill of Stamp Collecting, The SyrahRedDry58%11Confess, 20%BienNacido, 13%WhiteHawk, 9%Cumulus 93%S, 4.5%G, 2.5%Vabout 1000 cases
2007To The Rescue Vin de Paille [VdP]GrenacheRedSweet    
2006To The Rescue Vin de Paille [VdP]RoussanneWhiteSweet    
2012Touché [EBA]SyrahRedDry 11Confessions93%S, 5%PS, 2%V 
2015Trouver L'Arène SyrahRedDry37%3rdTwin, 36%11Confessions, 27%Cumulus 80.5%S, 7%PS, 7%Mour, 3.5%V, 2%G1778 cases, 600 mags
2009Turn the Whole Thing Upside Down GrenacheRedDry72% 11Confess, 22%Cumulus, 6%BienNacido 84%G,11%S,5%Mour1050 cases
1997Twisted and BentWhite Blend WhiteDryAlban60%R, 40%C540 cases
1998VeiledPinot NoirRedDry Shea 475 cases
2001VentriloquistGrenache RedDry60% Alban, 32% Stolpman,
8% Shadow Canyon
82%G, 18%S 400 cases
2002Whisperin' E White BlendWhiteDryAlban with a bit of Stolpman 50%R, 31%V, 19%C524 cases
2012Writing on the Wall Petite SirahRedDry 80% Third Twin, 20% Cumulus94%PS, 6%V356 magnums
1999XLGrenacheRosé Dry   
YearNamePrimary GrapeColorDry? Vineyard, LocationGrape DetailQuantity



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