Sine Qua Non The Writing on the Wall

2012 Petite Sirah from Third Twin and Cumulus Vyds

Since we are E & M from Sine Qua Non, we had to complicate things just a little bit more. Aside from the delightful standard books we also produced 350 of a COLLECTOR'S EDITION. These specialties will carry a serial number, will be signed by Manfred and come packed in a gorgeous bamboo wood box along with a magnum of 2012 Petite Sirah named The Writing On The Wall. This will be the only way this fabulous wine is going to be available. It is 94% Petite Sirah and 6% Viognier from our three Estate vineyards … The Third Twin, Cumulus and Eleven Confessions. Only 356 of these absolute beauties were filled. I wouldn't dare miss this rarity. Because there are so very few of these and even more so because of our various moronic laws we have to ask you to call Stacy or Amber at 805-649-8901 to get your eyes and tongue onto such a singular treat. They will explain and assist you to make this happen in a straight forward and efficient manner. Naturally these truly special and one-off treats have a price and it is $1500 per box set.

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Here is the bottle packed with the book, secured with a leather strap:
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