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The Produttori del Barbaresco is a winery cooperative in the town of Barbaresco. It was founded in 1958 and is known as one of the best wineries for quality and value in the Langhe region of Italy.

Produttori makes a Langhe Nebbiolo and a basic Barbaresco in almost every vintage. In very good vintages, they make single-vineyard Cru Barbarescos, almost always as Barbaresco Riserva. Sine 1982, there are nine such Crus. Their policy is to make all the nine single-vineyard wines or none of them in a given vintage.

The FWG Table of all Produttori del Barbaresco Barbarescos

If you are interested in how many bottles of each wine have been made in each year, see my Produttori del Barbaresco Quantity Chart. This is a table similar to the FWG Table of all Produttori del Barbaresco Barbarescos, but giving the number of bottles made of the cru riservas (both 750ml and magnum) in each vintage in which they were made.

Starting with the 1982 vintage, there are nine such Cru wines. The nine Crus (i.e. special single vineyards) that are bottled by the Produttori are: Asili, Moccagatta (known as "Muncagöta" starting with the 2007 vintage, see below), Montefico, Montestefano, Ovello, Pajé, Pora, Rabajà, Rio Sordo.

History and Notes

Below are some notes on the wines bottled by the winery with an emphasis on special or unusual bottling. We first give a brief history of the winery. Some additional information can be found on the winery website. Also, an in-depth article by John Gilman in his View From the Cellar entitled The Produttori del Barbaresco: The Wine World's Most Amazing Cooperative (Jul/Aug 2009, Issue #22) is very informative and is reproduced here with permission. Here also is a nice video from In-Wine which gives a basic introduction to Barbaresco and the Produttori. (The second half of this video shows a tasting of the 2007 Barbaresco.)


Quantity Chart. This is a chart similar to the one above, but giving the number of bottles made of the riservas (both 750ml and magnum) in each vintage in which they were made.


The Wines

Produttori Wine Dinners Attended by the Fine Wine Geek


Here is a fascinating and detailed interview with Aldo Vacca about the Produttori with Levi Dalton on Levi's podcast "I'll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton". This is "IDTT Wine 440: Aldo Vacca on the History and Future of Barbaresco":

Here is a much shorter video interview with Aldo Vacca conducted by Mannie Berk of Rare Wine Co:

Here is an interview that Aldo Vacca did with his father, Celestino Vacca, in 2004:


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